Justin Holladay

Vice President Business Development

Justin Holladay, Vice President of Business Development with Statistical Energy LLC., has been working in sales and marketing for more than 11 years. Justin has the proven ability to network and provide high quality customer service. He has an analytical background and enjoys the confidence of working through multiple data points to find the solutions.

In 2013 Justin became a Major Accounts Representative for an Ohio based energy brokerage firm where he began to understand the multiple facets of energy and energy management. His ability to analyze a situation and create a custom strategy to match his client’s needs has helped him excel in all facets of the energy industry. He has worked closely as a liaison between his clients and supplier/channel partners over his years in the industry to cultivate unbreakable relationships for many years to come.

His working experience has allowed him to enjoy travel across the United states living in Colorado, Indiana, Ohio & Florida. When not working, Justin enjoys his personal time with his family at the beach and paddle boarding. He is a native Floridian who enjoys game days cheering on the Florida Gators with his wife and children.

Justin currently resides in Palm Bay, Florida with his Wife, daughter and son.

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