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Ron Cantlie


Ronald William Cantlie Jr., President/Partner at Statistical Energy LLC, graduated from the University of Richmond with a BA Economics and a minor in Chemistry in 1992.

Born in Boston in 1970, Ron’s childhood consisted of moving nine times, traversing the country and back, prior to his HS graduation in 1988. By virtue of his father’s position with GE the family never lived in one city for more than 3 years, forcing Ron to learn the art of adaptability at a young age. This ability served Ron well during his undergraduate studies where he held key positions both within his fraternity and community.

Post college Ron managed a number of businesses in the hospitality industry beginning to hone his skills as a salesman and leader. Once his son’s were born he spent time in the demanding and unpredictable world of stay at home dad-hood.

Ron’s ability to evolve and adapt have allowed him to hold multi functional leadership positions in diverse industries over the course of his career. It is precisely this career trajectory that has lead Ron to the energy industry. The environmental considerations coupled with the complexity and unique needs of each client has kept Ron engaged and and perpetually challenged.

Ron has a passion for traveling and has challenged himself to visit over 100 countries in his lifetime. He most recently visited the wonders of India, beaches of Israel, tight-knit communities of Belize, beauty of Thailand, and ingenuity of the United Arab Emirates. Above all Ron cherishes the time spent with his children whether it’s cheering from the sidelines at their sporting events or as a proud audience member at their piano recitals.

Ron currently resides in Powell, Ohio with his wife, daughter, two sons, and dogs Bob and Moka

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