Statistical Energy LLC advises industrial and commercial companies on how to optimize energy costs on both sides of their utility meter with sophisticated energy procurement strategies and by reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

Our Approach

Statistical Energy LLC challenges your organization to view energy issues strategically, ensuring that all decisions support the financial and operational integrity of your business. Our professionals are creative thinkers and have a passion for developing and implementing sustainable, financially-sound solutions. We are your independent and unbiased advocate, always focused on your best interests.


Energy suppliers and utilities do business with us everyday. Our Consultants have over 110 years of combined experience in the energy industry. We currently manage an electric portfolio of over 500 million kWh and Gas Portfolio of over 1.5 million MCF. Let our unparalleled experience translate to efficient, effective results for you.

Energy Procurement Strategy

Strategically managing the supply of energy needed to run your business is both a challenge and an opportunity. A constant fluctuation of prices and offer availability makes buying the right energy products at the right time a daunting challenge. Our energy procurement professionals provide you with market analytics and insights to help you determine and implement an energy strategy which matches your tolerance for risk. You’ll have confidence that you are buying the right energy products at the right time and be assured you are on the right rate to meet your business’ needs.